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First, let me tell you how thrilled I am that you are here visiting my website. My name is Tatiana, and I am a filmmaker based in Colorado.  I have been filming my life away since I put my hands on a VHS recorder in high school.  However, I have been filming and editing videos professionally since 2016. I love filming weddings because seeing a real love connection is so beautiful. True love, no matter the gender, is sacred to me, and I feel so humbled and fortunate to capture the essence of that love with my camera anywhere in the world. Yes!  You heard that right, anywhere in the world! I will go to any destination for a wedding film because I love what I do.  Plus, adding a new adventure to my bucket-list is always a blessing.

Elopement videos are another kind of film art that I genuinely adore. Elopements are very personal, and nothing can compare to the feeling of being in nature and having the ability to create a love film based on the soul connection of two human beings. 

I pride myself on my work about epic love stories. The truth is that “Love” is a miracle, and every couple has a unique and magical bond.  As a filmmaker, my creativity derives from the couples and their connection to each other. As I focus on their essence and all their love vibes, I can make something special, unique, and exquisite.

Your wedding video, beyond the decoration and the venue, is about the unforgettable memories made that day. Your videos is about time spent with family and friends. Or, if you are Eloping, it is about immersing yourself in an intimate and sacred journey through nature with the love of your life.

At Voir Videos, we film all those fleeting moments so that you can see them over and over again. 

"I like to believe that a wedding film is a collection of beautiful moments frozen in time."

-Tatiana T.


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